TimeTec Private Cloud
TimeTec Private Cloud
TimeTec Private Cloud

With the rapid advancement of cloud computing becoming a necessity for businesses today, security of data stored on cloud server has become one of the major considerations prior to cloud deployment. While time attendance systems on TimeTec Public Cloud suit most small and medium enterprises, some others which put crucial priority on their data’s safety prefer to have total control over the server and databases of their companies. In view of this trend, TimeTec Cloud is pleased to announce a new service containing a private cloud server dedicated to safeguarding your company’s data, TimeTec Private Cloud.

TimeTec Private Cloud leverages on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure and also owns designated computing resources to serve a dedicated company or organization by providing safe and secure control over the access of the database.

There are great benefits of using TimeTec Private Cloud for medium-sized to large-sized companies, including having an option to select your preferred Amazon Region to deploy your server from. The location of the server chosen against your location would impact the data transaction time from server to location and vice versa. The private cloud also provides you with complete access over your designated database and instance, hence giving you full control over your data security issue. Other advantages include automated software updates, upgrades and backup, and having your own custom domain address for your business.

Good news to all users of TCMS V2! If you are looking to migrate all of your data from the TCMS V2 software to your TimeTec Cloud account, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s now a dedicated feature for you to do so!

Moving to Cloud

With this new feature in place, you do not have to start over from scratch by redoing the clocking schedule setups and inserting employees’ biodata into the TimeTec Cloud account as the transferred data will reflect the new additions made to the software. Company information, company rules and attendance rules as well as calculations are some of the data that you can migrate over to TimeTec Cloud. Unfortunately, attendance records from TCMS V2 won’t be able to be transferred to TimeTec Cloud due to TCMS V2’s use of a maximum of six columns to handle attendance records as compared to TimeTec Cloud’s maximum of 14 columns.

It is recommended to define a cut-off date (for example, the 1st of the month) as this will allow you to block TCMS V2 from downloading attendance data from your devices. Linking your devices to the Internet and inserting the TimeTec Cloud server IP will allow the devices to automatically upload attendance records to the cloud server. With this being done, you can now activate the devices in your TimeTec Cloud account, then proceed to generate attendance records under Attendance Sheet.

For more information on how to migrate your data from TCMS V2 to TimeTec Cloud, you can view our Tech Tip on the steps needed to make the move. Or you can email our Support Team by filling in your details on the form at the right of the page and our technicians will contact you.