FingerTec TA700W

FingerTec TA700W - Fingerprint WiFi Time Attendance

Keep it simple with FingerTec TA700W, an elegant biometric scanner with WiFi capability. The FingerTec TA700W is designed to be the most user friendly, convenient and efficient Time Attendance device for small & medium sized businesses and organizations. Forget about messy wires and sloppy punch cards, simply scan your fingerprint, and be on your way. Attendance data will be stored on the cloud-based TimeTec TA instantaneously for convenient retrieval. Time and Attendance management couldn’t be made easier with FingerTec TA700W.
FingerTec WiFi Attendance
Multiple Verification

From fingerprint to password verification, FingerTec TA700W provides the possibilities. Optimize your security threshold, with fingerprint verification as your primary enrollment form.

Cloud-Ready Technology

FingerTec TA700W comes with the latest PUSH technology, suitable for FCC data storage and convenient for TimeTec TA. The technology eliminates the need for manual data download process.

Live ID Verification

With Live ID scanner, the FingerTec TA700W has an improved scanning ability that can even detect blurry fingerprints; taking data integrity to new heights and faster verification.

Manage Data Easily

TCMS V2/V3 is loaded with useful features complete with various reports for your business. Its data integration to 3rd party software is made available through the readily available SDK.

FingerTec TA700W Layout Plan

Easy integration and installation within your office environment
fingertec ta700W layout

FingerTec TA700W Specifications

fingertec ta700w specifications

TCMS V2 Time Attendance Management

Central solution for time attendance

Powerful TCMS V2 Features

Centralized management of up to 999 FingerTec models and terminals over an IP network

Terminal Settings

Offers easy setup of multiple terminals from one centralized system

TCMS_setting terminal

Work Schedules Management

Provides daily, weekly, and flexible clocking schedules to support normal, overnight, and multi shifts

Self-Defined Data Output

Provides a comprehensive interface to define data that are to be exported. Choose to export into many formats.

Report Management

Provides 23 attendance reports & 6 access reports for a better analysis of attendance and access records.

User Management

Provides a user friendly interface to manage thousands of user profile details

Attendance Record Viewing

Users' attendance records are available for editing and viewing by users and authorized administrators.

Automatic Data Download & Time Sync

Preset the timer for the system to download data automatically and sync the current time of the terminals

TCMS V2 Web Viewer

Easy web access for everyone to check their attendance records

Advertisement Display

Easy management of background photo loaded in each terminal.

Attendance & Access Monitoring

Administrators can monitor current attendance reporting or door access records of every user from the same page

Data Backup/Restore

Easy-to-use interface to backup/restore system data, for easy housekeeping

Save Reports Into Various Formats

Save the generated reports into various formats such as PDF, XLS, DOC, RTF and HTML for printing and integration purposes