FingerTec Face ID 4d

Facial Access Control & Time Attendance

FingerTec Face ID 4d, the all-new powerful facial recognition terminal from FingerTec provides solid identity verification through its contactless biometrics technology, recognizing a face in mere seconds for accurate door access solution. Loaded with Face Biobridge VX 8.0, the latest of face recognition algorithm, detecting facial features during enrollment and verification is made quicker and more accurate, and with the high-resolution camera and infrared feature, face detection is possible even under minimal light. Customized for function, the device comes prepared with door access usage. FingerTec Face ID 4d is an ideal solution that is suitable for small and medium enterprises, as well as those in need of a reliable, contactless solution.
Multiple Verification

From face, card, and password verification, Face ID4d provides the possibilities. Optimize your security threshold, with facial verification as your primary enrollment form.

Supersized Capacity

Get up to 10,000 fingerprint templates and 200,000 transaction logs - more than enough to fulfill the requirements on an SME. Transaction and user data are stored until downloaded.

Simplified Management

Face ID 4d is equipped with TCP/IP connectivity and when that is not available, a USB flash port can be used to transfer transaction logs into your computer. WiFi is also available.

Access Control

Place at access points to register attendance and log entry data records. Connect with a slave device to have fingerprint/card security upon entry and exit of the access point.

FingerTec Face ID 4d Layout Plan

2-in-1 Face & Card Recognition Terminal

FingerTec Face ID 4d Specifications

Ingress Access Control

The perfect system for advanced access control

Powerful Ingress Features

Centralized management of up to 999 FingerTec models and terminals over an IP network


Real-time access control event, fire alarm and transaction log monitoring


A security mechanism preventing re-entry into an area without first leaving it.

Quick Setup

Built-in Quick Setup Wizard for easy initial startup

33 Comprehensive Reports

33 comprehensive combinations of data listing, configuration, audit trail, time and attendance, and event reports.

Visual Map

Intuitive graphical maps are completely customizable to let you monitor activities.

Fire Alarm Linkage

Allows the automatic unlocking of emergency fire doors in the event of a fire.

Batch Create User

Import large amount of users from Excel


User definable reports, with customizable watermark for background image.

Remote Control

Control access activities directly from the monitoring station for all devices


This enables extra security by a sequence where one door can only be released when other doors are closed.

Event Priority

Configure event priority, recipient email and sound alert.

Save Reports into Various Formats

Print and save reports into PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, XPS and JPEG